The difference between AR technology and VR technology.

Nowadays, terms of VR technology and AR technology often appear in our environment.

More and more companies specializing in mobile and web games harness Virtual Reality. On the other hand, Augmented Reality is used in many applications and science-fiction movies. What precisely these two technologies are and what are the differences between them – we will explain below.

The conception of VR hides the meaning of Virtual Reality -the technology of creating a completely artificial environment. The surrounding, which people perceive with all the senses – by sight, by hearing, and also by touch or by smell. Thanks to appropriate accessories, such as HTC Vive goggles – we can feel like visiting other countries, riding a mountain bike and even flying. VR technology is used by the developer’s gaming studio to create modern mobile games and web games.

AR technology consists of creating Augmented Reality; it means adding artificial elements to the existing reality. An example of this is the famous Pokemon GO game, which involves catching up appearing creatures, and also internet fitting rooms to try on clothes and eyewear.

A couple of years ago, both technologies were associated with science fiction movies, where actors were visiting another reality or talking with the avatars. Today, both virtual reality and augmented reality are slowly becoming part of our daily lives.

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